Pleasure Bowls

Pleasure Bowls

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This stylish pet bowl set on a raised wooden frame, makes feeding time fancy and not messy.

The Pleasure Bowls are made of durable, angle-free, stainless steel and pet safe cover dye.

The Wooden frame brings a natural feeling to the room, and it’s a great way to prevent spillage and damage.

Easy to assemble, disassemble and store!

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    The Pleasure Bowls consist of two bowls and two pieces for the wooden base.

    The Bowls can be easily hand washed with a soft washing sponge and a non-toxic liquid dish soap, due to its angle-free design. Do not put the bowls in a dishwasher machine used for human hardware. The Wooden Base can be cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth. Furniture polisher or a mild cleaning product can be used for best results.

    Housekeeping routine requires cleaning the rooms once per day. When Housekeepers enter a pet room, they should replace empty food bowls with clean ones. If there are leftovers, they are advised to leave a clean bowl for the guests to replace it themselves.

    The number of Pleasure Bowls sets needed for a hospitality business depends on the number of bookings with pets per month. You are advised to start with at least two sets in case of accommodating two pet bookings at the same time. You can also keep sets of bowls filled with water in common outdoor areas for your guests’ convenience. You can add to your cart a few Spare Pleasure Bowls for the housekeepers to replace the dirty ones.