Sagewash Sanitizer

No1 Pet-safe cleaning product

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Sagewash Sanitizer is a multi-surface disinfectant and odour control product tested to international Standards that makes even the hardest dirt and odour go away. 

A pet safe cleaning product that respects the environment. Toxic free and specifically designed to remove pet dirt, urine and odour. 

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    Absolutely! Look at this way … is it safe to jump into a swimming pool? Swimming pools usually have about 5 – 10ppm total chlorine. The Sagewash™ Sanitizer is just a higher chlorine concentration than swimming pools but is still very safe to contact. That’s one of the many magical things about Sagewash.

    The main active ingredient in the Sagewash™ Sanitizer is hypochlorous acid, the most overall effective germ-killing agent known to man. The high levels of hypochlorous acid produced by the Sagewash™ Sanitizer kill within seconds (up to 120 times faster than liquid bleach). Nevertheless, it is our recommendation to leave the Sagewash solution on a surface for at least two minutes. But, remember, you do not have to rinse!

    The Sagewash™ Sanitizer and the solution it produces is completely safe for use on grass, plants, trees, etc.

    The Sagewash™ Sanitizer will remove many stains and whiten most surfaces, especially after spraying a particular surface a few times. It is not going to “bleach” stains and surfaces in the fashion of liquid bleach. It is a milder solution than most liquid bleach mixtures, but it is an exponentially more effective sanitizer than liquid bleach. It is difficult for many people to understand how a substance that is milder than bleach can be up to 120 times more effective than liquid bleach. The answer lies in chemistry!!! Further information can be found in the Sagewash Technical Papers.