Fluffy Cover

A good sleep after a long day is all a dog wants

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Don’t worry about accidents!

Keep spare Fluffy Covers and replace them instantly!


Easy to wash, 

easy to dry, 

easy to pack.

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Accidents may happen for many reasons, even with the best trained pets. Having a few spare Covers for the pet beds provided to guests with pets will assist the everyday housekeeping routine and will ensure that pet beds will always be available to your guests, even if those accidents indeed occur.

The number of Fluffy Covers needed for your business is dependent on the number of bookings with pets per day and the number of Fluffy Pillow Beds provided to guests with pets. You are advised to start your pet friendly experience with at least two dog beds in case of two pet bookings at the same time, so you may need at least one more spare cover, in case an accident occurs.

The Fluffy Cover can be washed inside the laundry machine at up to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). You are advised to wash pet amenities inside Laundry Bags combined with Laundry Traps for best results.

Yes, the Fluffy cover can be put in the tumble dryer.