Woof Together Academy for Hotel Managers

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At the end of each curriculum, the trainees receive a certificate of completion. This certificate can be used to enrich your resume for future employment in the hospitality industry. The program's certificate is also compatible with TUV Austria's PetStay Certification criterium of relevant personnel training.

The attendants of the curriculum "Woof Together Academy for Hotel Managers" discover vital information regarding the pet parents as a travel segment, their needs and habits, they explore the basic terms for administrative decisions needed to implement, like pet fees, pet policy, etc, they seek the significance of essential and additional pet equipment that create an exquisite hospitality experience for all of guests, they debunk all bias behind cleaning a room after pet guests and find out protocols and products that will leave a sparkling clean experience, they gain insights of a truly welcoming pet friendly experience, grasp new procedures to consolidate a high-standard stay, and they look into the most common types of pet-related emergencies and scrutinize each respective type of response. Hotel managers can also optionally unfold the PetStay criteria and processes required to implement at the hotel for the acquisition of the PetStay Certification provided by TUV Austria.

For attending a certain curriculum, simply sign up and enroll to your prefered curriculum by visiting the All Courses page. For hotels that want to train a number of their pet-associated employees (managers, front desk operators and housekeepers), you can view our Pricing page for specific bulk training plans. All transactions are securely completed through the Stripe payment system.

Woof Together Academy is the world's first training program for hospitality professionals. It provides separate curriculums for hotel managers, front desk operators, housekeepers and property managers on how to offer their respective services to guests with pets. At the end of each curriculum, the trainees receive a certificate of completion.