Fluffy Pillow Bed

A good sleep after a long day is all a dog wants

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It combines high quality fabric, comfort and design that every guest will love!

Big enough for all dog sizes to rest and chill inside the room or even by the pool!

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The outer cover is made of microfiber that does not allow dust and hair to penetrate inside.

It absorbs 3 times its weight in water and dries very quickly.

It can be removed and washed in the washing machine after each use.

fluffy pillow bed

The inner cover is 100% waterproof, so that moisture does not penetrate it, protecting the filling from any accidents.

fluffy pillow cover


The filling is made of 100% natural caoutchouc of exceptional elasticity made by Coco-Mat, ideal for embracing the dog’s body, offering comfort and perfect support.


fluffy pillow bed layers

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The Fluffy Pillow Bed consists of one mattress and one cover.

The Fluffy Cover can be washed inside the laundry machine at up to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). You are advised to wash pet amenities inside Laundry Bags combined with Laundry Traps for best results. The Mattress is completely protected by its waterproof microfiber cover. However, if you need to clean the mattress, you can follow a regular mattress cleaning procedure, either by using a vacuum with an upholstery attachment or by giving it away to your cleaning agents.

Pets feel comfortable having their own odors on their stuff. It is recommended that a dog bed’s cover is replaced after the pet check-out given that no pet related accidents or excessive dirt have incurred in the meantime.

The number of Dog beds needed for a hospitality business depends on the number of bookings with pets per month. You are advised to start with at least two dog beds in case of accommodating two pet bookings at the same time. You can add to your cart a few spare mattress covers for housekeepers to change.