Door hangers

Knock, knock, knocking on doggo’s door

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Help your guests inform your personnel that their pet is inside the room!

Door hangers facilitate the room's daily cleaning process and promote a discrete communication with your guests.



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Yes, like regular door hangers, they can be reused for another guest with a pet, unless they are torn or dirty at the end of a stay.

The Door Hangers are designed and created by Woof Together, specifically for hospitality businesses and their pet guests. We believe that it clearly designates whether a dog is inside or outside of the room. However, if you still need any changes, we can customize the Door Hangers for orders over 100 items at extra charge. Feel free to Contact us prior to your order and we will work on it, together.

The package includes 10 pieces

The holes are designed with a minimum diameter of about 5 cm (aprox. 2 inches) to fit most knobs. If you need a change, we can customize your own hangers with a minimum order of 100 pieces.