Joy Toy

Goodbye boredom

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Joy Toys can be the best gift for a dog introduced to a new environment.



A chewing toy can help dogs deal with separation anxiety and boredom.

It is super fun and will save the dog’s day!

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Toys can be an intimate gift for pets, meaning that dogs quickly get attached to them. Giving a Joy Toy away means that you may not see it again. If the housekeepers find a damaged Joy Toy inside the pet guest room, please ask them to pick up any small pieces but leave the rest for the pet to find later! Do not wash it during its stay! Your pet guest will need its odor on it. At the end of the stay, if the dog hasn’t used and damaged it, it can safely be washed in the laundry machine, preferably inside a Laundry Bag, combined with Laundry Traps for best results.

Guests may be exhausted upon arrival, and pets can add extra stress as they are usually a reason for complications with hospitality businesses. Offering a Joy Toy either alone or as part of a Welcome Bag can be a relief for both the guest and the pet! Show off your pet friendly culture!

The Joy Toys are handmade chewing toys made of cotton rope.

They are completely pet safe: no plastic, toxic ingredients and small dangerous particles.