Laundry Pet Hair Traps

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Woof Together Laundry Pet Hair Traps are made of a very soft, sticky material that grabs onto pet hair and makes your fabrics clean.

Safe for all clothing due to its non-toxic, hypo-allergenic material and can be used multiple times.


The Laundry Traps will effectively remove pet hair, dander and lint!

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Put a Laundry Trap inside the Laundry Bag, the Washing Machine or Tumble Dryer to exterminate fur, hair, lint, dander.

The Laundry Traps are self-cleaning. However, if there is any hair left on them, rinse with cold water to remove it and restore its stickiness. Do not use them with fabric softener or dryer sheets, or else the adhesiveness and effectiveness will be reduced.

You can wash pet clothings with fabric softener when inside the Laundry Bag, but the Laundry Traps will lose their effectiveness if used with fabric softener or dryer sheets.

If you have a Top-load washing machine, add linens first, and place Hair Traps on top of your Laundry.