Odor Eliminator Bags

Smell, smell, go away, go away

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Odor Eliminator Bags are filled with 200gr of bamboo charcoal, making them the most animal friendly way to purify the air inside the room!

Simply leave the bag inside the room to eliminate any unpleasant odors, dehumidify the air and absorb any pollutants.

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Bamboo charcoal has been a natural filtration system in Asia for centuries. It is also fragrance-free, which makes it the safest deodorizer to use close to animals and kids. It absorbs odors instead of masking them, like any artificial air fresheners would. It is commonly used for a variety of additional health reasons as well.

Yes. Place the bag outside in the sun once or twice per month for at least one hour to renew its activity.

The Odor Eliminator Bag has a lifespan of two years.

After two years of use, you can cut the bag open and pour the bamboo charcoal in your garden for the plants to enjoy the nutrients.