Pet Laundry bundle

A Laundry Bag and two Traps, wrapped in a bundle

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The Pet Laundry bundle consists of the Pet Laundry Bag and the Laundry Traps keeping your laundry safe from pet hair. 

Pet Laundry Bag is made of a durable, quick-drying polyester with reinforced stitching.

It has a wide opening and can fit pet fabrics or up to two double size bedsheets!


The Laundry Traps will effectively remove pet hair, dander and lint!

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Yes, you can wash pet clothings with fabric softener when inside the Laundry Bag. Synthetic fabrics like polyester will not loosen when combined with fabric softener, so, the pet hair will certainly remain inside it. Make sure not to use fabric softener when you are using it with the Laundry Traps though.

The Laundry Bag can be used inside the laundry machine and the tumble dryer at up to 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit). It is best that you let it dry completely in between washing cycles.

The Laundry Traps are self-cleaning. However, if there is any hair left on them, rinse with cold water to remove it and restore its stickiness. Do not use them with fabric softener or dryer sheets, or else the adhesiveness and effectiveness will be affected.

Put a Laundry Trap inside the Laundry Bag, the Washing Machine or Tumble Dryer to exterminate fur, hair, lint, dander.